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I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

“Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.” Bladerunner 2049 opened in cinemas in the UK yesterday – 6th October 2017. I was lucky enough to catch the 2nd showing of the day at the Dukes at Komedia cinema in Brighton. Set 30 years after the original […]

Interstellar is out of this world!

I have to say that I loved the movie Interstellar. There’s something so bold and inspiring about it’s message that to me it feels like a call to action for our generation and that of our kids. Christopher Nola’s epic magnum opus Interstellar opened on Friday 8th Nov 2014. I saw it in it’s native […]

True Detective – True Drama

I am a huge Mad Men fan and was a huge Breaking Bad fan (and before them West Wing, et al.) and felt compelled (for the first time) to write something about this extraordinary drama unfolding before my eyes. TD S01 E04 – SPOILER ALERT!

Amazing 4k Video Showreel

Stumbled across this on the FatSand blog and had to share. Hyperreal video using the H.265 codec.

The Kermode Awards 2013

An annual favourite The Kermode Awards has just rolled round, coinciding with The Oscars. Mark picks the films that they omit. I can’t embed but it’s on the Culture Show on iPlayer right now. Here’s the full list of winners and runners up:

Cinemagraphs: moving moments caught in time

To compliment the Kubrick classics animated gifs that I published some time ago here are some great new examples of what are now called cinemagraphs. I’ve got to make some. There’s some instructions on the source site.

Ridley Scott: Patricide – Blade Runner & Gladiator

Similarities between Ridley Scott films are generally limited to quality. Quality in almost every aspect of movie making. But there are two films that have striking similarities. The strongest themes in both Blade Runner and Gladiator are those of patricide. In Blade Runner the Nexus 6 Replicant Roy Batty kills his ‘father’ Dr Eldon Tyrell; […]

Alien – a modern Prometheus

Prometheus | Frankenstein


…I am forced to write this blog post to you as neither of your 2 contact forms work (this form posts an error on sending and the feedback form link on this page goes to a 404) and I’m not willing to hold on a premium rate number. My 7 yr old son Archie and […]

Bladerunner Series Prequel/Sequel Coming

It was 1982 when Blade Runner first graced the big screen. It wasn’t a hit, and the released product was noticeably shabby round the edges, but it soon gained underground notoriety that has helped the movie stand the test of time. It’s one of my all time top ten movies. It caught me at the […]

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