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Knowledge Management aka Social Media aka Cultural Change

In his brilliant article over on Cognitive Egde today Dave Snowden ties together my great passions in a coherent way that reflects a point in the divergence of thinking that has been dawning on me. Having schooled in Social Media under the brilliant Antony Mayfield I’ve seen first hand how the simplest enterprise social network […]

My guide to setting up your own blog

I’ve done this so many times I thought I would document the process for the benefit of others! So here it is – my guide to setting up your own blog. What do I mean by this? Well firstly I’m not talking about an automated process – this is a full installation in your own […]

Tech/web curation: The World Is Full of Interesting Things

That’s the name of a brilliant slideshow created by Google’s Creative Labs. You’ll find a lot of interesting HTML5 apps, iPhone apps, visualization tools, 3D projections, art projects, creative YouTube videos, crowdsourcing services and many other interesting things. Packing together 106 works from the “creative internet” into one Google slideshow. It’s a visual grab bag of […]

Black Swan Theory and the art of doing nothing

A book I have just added to my Amazon wishlist is Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. Here’s the synopsis from Wikipedia: The Black Swan Theory or “Theory of Black Swan Events” was developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb to explain 1) the disproportionate role of high-impact, hard-to-predict, and rare events that […]

Knowledge Management and Business Change

This article over at “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management” is a good read from an experienced KM professional – Steve Denning. The following quote in particular stuck out in my mind: These great KM programs would flourish for a while, and even receive some internal recognition. But then something would happen. For instance, there […]

Digital Marketing Made Simple

The below deck is the final presentation that I made while working as a Knowledge Manager at iCrossing. Rather pompously entitled ‘Digital Marketing Made Simple’ it’s a rather complex looking Prezi presentation, incorporating everything I’d learned in my 9 years at the company! I stumbled across it and thought I should stick it on the […]

The Trafigura effect – vive la resistance!

I’m writing this still reeling from my Twitter experience this morning! (geek) Flicking, as I usually do, between work and Tweetdeck (keeping in touch with the back channel) I started picking up on the #trafigura hash tag which had started trending. Things started moving more quickly and I noticed several people I’m following mentioning it. […]

Google Sidewiki vs Brands In Public

It’s been an interesting week. First Seth Godin decides to back an idea that aggregates buzz around brands and creates a separate page for each brand curating this freely accessible  content that can be found anywhere on the web – Brands In Public. As an individual heading up an independent company called Squidoo Seth gets […]

Social Media Metrics, Privacy and Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)

OK, so firstly apologies for the mouthful of a title, but I have just finished reading an inspiring book – Social Media Marketing: How Data Analytics Helps to Monetize the User Base in Telecoms, Social Networks, Media and Advertising, in a Converged Ecosystem (phew!) – which covers these topics and I wanted to share my […]

8 reasons for using Google Reader for RSS

Using RSS on a regular basis? If not, why not? Heralded some time ago as a game changer RSS has proven to be just that – the best, easiest and quickest way to digest regular content from the web. Here are 8 reasons why Google Reader is the best RSS reader to use: 1. Share-ability […]

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