This time 30 years ago…

25th January 1991

A week on from the first Prism of the legendary year of 1991 – the summer of love for many ravers – and the sound scape is already evolving. Moving just a little away from bleeps and bass (Renegade by Language being the exception here), and while still maintaining that soulful background that I like to think runs through all of my music taste, this set draws more on breaks and UK dance music starts to split out with the advent of early drum and bass and breakbeat tracks. A stand out example of this is the 3rd track in here – Destruction by Freshtrax & Ace II With Pressure Zone some great home grown UK breaks that define this change. There’s still plenty of Belgian in there (Frank De Wulf and DWF Records) some US breaks on Strictly Rhythm but it’s time for UK underground dance music to breakout. There is no finer example of this than Leftfield’s gem – Not Forgotten. The mixing is OK this week. Maybe not as good as last. There’s worse to come I warn you, and you can also look out for some good (and bad) MC’ing in following weeks, and of course there’s lots of whistles. The tempo on this one also definitely upped this week.

??? – “I want more life”
Ralph Rosario – You Used to Hold Me
Freshtrax & Ace II With Pressure Zone – Destruction (Beatfarm)
G Double E – Fire When Ready (Jumpin’ & Pumpin’)
True Faith with Final Cut – Take Me Away (Network)
??? “I think it’s time to make the floor burn”
Dee Lite – Good Beat (Elektra)
Rhythm Warfare – Two Notches (Strictly Rhythm)
Leftfield – Not Forgotten (Outer Rhythm)
Mark Summers – Magic Roundabout (4th & Broadway)
Renegade – Language (white label)
Nomad – Devotion (Capitol)
Butcher Sam – Tampex For Two (white label)

Part two is also up on Mixcloud here.

11th January 1991

30 years ago last weekend and what an exciting time for music. In this first part of my live Prism set we have lots of bleeps and bass, some Italo piano, and some dirty Belgian techno. It plods along and all works well together. Someone needs to ID that last track though because I’ll kick myself when I hear it. Enjoy

  • ??? – ???
  • A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funki Dredd – Freedom (Mellow Mix)
  • ??? – Running Away
  • Shut Up & Dance feat Nicolette – Single Minded People (SUAD)
  • ???- ???
  • Frequency – Hey Hey Hey (R&S Belgium)
  • Joey Beltram – Energy Flash (R&S Belgium)
  • Hotter – On A High (Ozone Recordings )
  • The Gonzo – Lost (Perfecto)
  • Hijack – Style Wars (acapella)
  • Underground Resistance – Orbit
  • ??? – ???
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