Legendary & Timeless – Anjunadeep 11 Live @ Printworks

I wanted to immortalise this brilliant DJ set. It’s so much more than a set actually. It’s a lush, deep landscape of music that is so perfectly crafted together, and what’s more-so is that it was performed live as surely one of the last great live electronic dance music events before lockdown.

For me it connects directly with a lot of influences. On first listen it took me back to such masterpieces as the Sasha & Digweed Renaissance Mix Collection CDs. The landscape of music presented is one of the same nature – lots of rolling breaks and low key build ups, all mixed together on the down low rather than on the high point which teases you into a hypnotic progressive house trance. Interestingly Digweed is know signed to this label.

But what really wows me about this set is Jody Wisternoff’s influence. Anjunadeep have always been about a deep house down-tempo alternative to their globally acclaimed Anjunabeats label, but when label boss James Grant signed up Jody Wisternoff to be Anjunadeep‘s A&R guy he brought a legacy of great music production with him.

Jody was one half of Way Out West, a long-lasting partnership with Nick Warren (remember his Back To Mine?), and before that one half of Sub Love along with DJ Die. Jody & Die actually stayed over at my house one night after Die’s guest appearance at Prism at The Oxford Venue back in 1992. Jody’s breakbeat roots and his love for frequency dynamics clearly come through in his influences, specifically on Anjunadeep 11.

The track choice here (to my music taste) is as exemplary as the way they have chosen both the order of tracks and the way they are blended. Unfortunately so many of the great ones (notably the 2nd track here) are still unknown.

00:00 – Alex Metric & Amtrac ‘Upswing’
05:10 – ID ‘ID’
09:45 – Frost ‘Overtones’
14:55 – MFA ’Difference It Makes (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Edit)
20:10 – ID ‘ID’
23:50 – La Roux ‘In For The Kill’ (Simon Doty Remix)
30:00 – ID ‘ID’
33:45 – Mat Zo ‘The Next Chapter’
39:10 – Grum ‘U’
43:00 – Goldtrix feat. Andrea Brown ‘It’s Love’ (Tinlicker Edit)
50:00 – Nox Vahn & Marsh ‘Come Together’
57:00 – Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base ‘Surrender’ (Tinlicker & James Grant Edit)
01:02:50 – deadmau5 ‘Luxuria’ (Tinlicker Remix)
01:07:35 – The Dualz ‘Inside Me’
01:12:00 – Zoo Brazil ‘Dance With Me’
01:17:00 – ID ‘ID’
01:21:50 – ID ‘ID’
01:28:00 – Foals ‘The Runner’ (RUFUS DU SOL Remix)
01:34:30 – ID ‘ID’
01:40:00 – Corona ’Rhythm Of The Night (Yotto Rework)
01:45:25 – James Zabiela ‘The Healing’ (Tinlicker Edit)
01:50:50 – Jody Wisternoff & James Grant ‘Nightwhisper’
01:55:40 – Nox Vahn feat. Mimi Page ‘Dream Of Love’

So hard to pick favourites here but I am loving everything Tinlicker touch, particularly James Zabiela’s The Healing, but Luxuria is also awesome. Nox Vahn (formerly Fairchild) is definitely one to watch. That simply delicious closing track with Mimi Page is just so perfect and oozing end of the night goodness. Don’t those wonderful golden vari-lights make you shiver!

But the biggest tease is that 2nd track. What a stunningly formed piece of music. Simple and hypnotic with that wonderful (oriental?) sample and of course the superbly crafted transition into the amazing & seminal Overtones by Frost. But it’s the breakdown… tracks that stop and then start like that are few and far between and present such a stunning refresh/scene change. Someone tell me what it is!

Anyway, in 30 years of enjoying this sort of music, this is a legendary & timeless set.

Enjoy 🙂

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Not in the least bit copyrighted by Tim Aldiss 2012