Knowledge Management aka Social Media aka Cultural Change

In his brilliant article over on Cognitive Egde today Dave Snowden ties together my great passions in a coherent way that reflects a point in the divergence of thinking that has been dawning on me.

Having schooled in Social Media under the brilliant Antony Mayfield I’ve seen first hand how the simplest enterprise social network can change the culture of an organisation for the better.

Dave Snowden’s 3rd basic rule backs up this simple theory: “Social Network Stimulation is one of the most important methods I ever created for doing this [cultural change] and it can transform culture both by action and by achieving a network density which solves problems without the need for explicit definition.”

I know it’s a tool and the needs analysis should come first, but if you want to get started with change allow people to share whatever they want, and watch it grow to become something – it’s fascinating.

Full article here: OMG, its culture change time

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