Gamification of life: CRED social scoring

Well another day working in the digital business is another day for distraction. I’d score really highly in the distraction ratings. Forget Kred, what’s my Dist score today?!

Anyway I was going to write about the emergence of social media scoring into the mainstream with the launch of a new banking product (until @maddywood‘s tweet came in about this Fact Company article called ‘What Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work Day’… read it, it’s brilliant, but don’t get ditracted enough to not come back!).

In the Andrew Niccol film In Time (starring Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried) to stay alive you have to work to earn credits. It’s a ghastly (film… no only joking – I did enjoy it and there are many clever ideas in it’s stylishness) …it’s a ghastly dystopian view of the future that just got a little bit more realistic thanks to the launch of a new stype of bank: Movenbank (

Movenbank have coined the term CRED scoring – a new form of determining an individuals’ financial health which includes “social credit analysis”! So unlike credit scoring it’s credibility scoring for your financial status.

There are obviously other players in the CRED space (Kred, Klout et al.) but this has the potential to move us closer to the gamification of everything as taken to its’ extreme by In Time.

I for one like the idea of gamification. It’s a great thing for the workplace and no doubt has it’s place in more walks of life, but for the masses this is a bitter pill to swallow. However the generation gap gets smaller every year. In just a decade or so this will be the acceptable norm and then who knows what follows.

It’s time for social media to grow up and become more than just the realm of marketers. Businesses are starting to incorporate it into their DNA and this is just the start of real social business.

Time for me to go and earn some more time.

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