Social Media Analogies

social media analogies

People still very often struggle to explain social media especially in marketing circles. Analogies are very often the best way.

The best analogy I have read for Social Media so far is from the great Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson.

…there is still the annoying issue of causality. Let me explain with an example from my own life. Occasionally I get drunk and when I get very drunk I inevitably fail to undress before I go to bed. When this happens, I invariably wake up in the morning fully clothed with an excruciating hangover. It would be all too simple for me to review these past experiences and infer some form of causality between sleeping in my clothes and developing a bad headache. In reality, there is what statisticians call a lurking variable that drives both of these outcomes booze.

In the same way, it is entirely feasible that the reason that a consumer spends more at Starbucks and becomes a fan of the brand on Facebook is because both actions are driven by a pre-existing love for the brand, and not by any actual causality between Facebook liking and purchase behaviour.

You can read the full article online here: The real cost of brand-building with Facebook

The comments on the article are great too.

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