All time top ten… albums: Forss – Soulhack

Whilst re-downloading an album that I find myself coming back to again and again more than any other album in my entire collection – Forss: Soulhack – I felt compelled to write an Amazon review for it which I thought I would share with you here.

Eric Wahlforss of course famously went on to found Soundcloud. He’s one cool dude too (see video below).

I was also amazed to find that you can listen to the whole Soulhack album on Soundcloud so I have embedded that too.

It’s far from easy listening, in fact quite the opposite, but I dare you to give it a go! It’s great headphone music, and I feel demonstrates such amazing mastery of the technology involved in making clever, thought-provoking modern music… Enjoy! 🙂

Soulhack by Forss

My Forss: Soulhack Amazon review:

Gilles Peterson introduced this to me years ago via his Worldwide BBC Radio 1 late night show and I have loved it since I first bought it. It is truly one of the few albums that has kept my interest over the years.

At 24 Forss (Eric Wahlforss) was inspired to write to write this most extraordinary, unique and pioneering album while journeying from his home of Sweden as he crossed Europe by train to move to Berlin where he created Soulhack.

The album is a rare treat of electronic mastery. Roughly falling into the broken beat category it is so much more than this – an undulating landscape of styles that touch jazz, ambient, breakbeat, classical, rock… you name it it’s in there.

As an admirer of dance and electronic music since the eighties I get the feel here for an awful lot of influence from tracks that I have grown up with. This is vastly intelligent and superbly arranged emotional electronic music for the dance floor.

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