Cloak of invisiblity just round the corner

There are some inventions you really never believe will ever be possible. Amongst them I’d cite travelling through and making things invisible. However there have been advances with both, and this week scientists have announced that invisibility cloaks may be just around the corner!

In a fascinating article on the BBC website in their underrated science section we are told that ‘Researchers at the University of California in Berkeley have developed a material that can bend light around 3D objects making them “disappear”. ‘

This all sounds quite impossible until their explanation that ‘The light-bending effect relies on reversing refraction, the effect that makes a straw placed in water appear bent. ‘

The principles of the material are astounding in themselves: ‘One approach used nanometre-scale stacks of silver and magnesium fluoride in a “fishnet” structure, while another made use of nanowires made of silver. ‘

Good luck to them I say, only why did the BBC have to go ahead and use a picture of a hoody in front of a van, instantly conjuring up thoughts of how the technology could be used in illegal or unsavoury ways (mind you what else could it be used for!).

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