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Presso espresso: innovation in yer kitchen

I got to get me one of these! Check out the crema… and what a great bit of innovation to drive down the cost of a typical espresso machine (£200+) to £70… Dear Santa… For the record, it is not necessary to modify the Presso in any way to achieve great tasting, rich shots of espresso replete […]

Tech/web curation: The World Is Full of Interesting Things

That’s the name of a brilliant slideshow created by Google’s Creative Labs. You’ll find a lot of interesting HTML5 apps, iPhone apps, visualization tools, 3D projections, art projects, creative YouTube videos, crowdsourcing services and many other interesting things. Packing together 106 works from the “creative internet” into one Google slideshow. It’s a visual grab bag of […]

iPad launch – end of week one review round up

So the iPad launched in the US this week. I’ve decided to collate some of the writing and the imagery I stumbled across. The jury is still out for me. As it has no camera, and Apple still don’t allow embedded Flash video, as well as the lack of multi-tasking, I think for once I […]

My All Time Top Ten… Vehicles (aka My Vehicles)

(This post is part of a series – the first being ‘My Gadgets‘) Edit: and now part of the My All Time Top Ten series 🙂 1. Volkswagen Golf CL (Mk 1) 1985 – 89 Classic 1400cc blue go kart! Boy the fun I had in this car!. Don’t tell my mum (RIP) but this […]

The iPad launch and Google’s slice of Live Search

I do want one, and I am in the target market, but as a colleague of mine pointed out, it’s not actually a Mac, it’s still the iPhone OS, so it retains the control Apple want. In fact if I think about it too hard I don’t want one. That succinct marketing message stating that […]

The Future of DIY #augmentedreality

Here is the most down to earth, everyday, useful application of Augmented Reality (AR) I have seen to date. It’s not a quatum leap to see any type of instruction manual or DIY book using this kind of system. Yes right now the cost of the technology is prohibitive, but the usefulness outweighs the complexity […]

More amazing tilt shift video

Tilt shift is an amazing post production technique applied generally to long term, fixed camera video, that makes the whole scene look like a model, or miniature world. Here’s Wikipedia’s definition: “Tilt-shift photography” refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras, and sometimes specifically refers to the use of tilt forselective focus, […]

Honda’s New Unicycle

OK so I’m selling it short by the title of this post as this is a truly amazing advance in technology. Honda have developed a ‘Segway‘ like device that you jump up onto a sit on like a unicycle. It has an omni-directional wheel and automatically keeps you upright thanks to internal gyroscopes. CNET suggest […]

Flexible, and easy to read, screen technology

No time to write but check out these piccies of the latest screen reader technology! From “Looking to Big-Screen E-Readers to Help Save the Daily Press”

Touch screen Apple Mac tablette?

Checked out this leaked news about a new touch screen Apple laptop tablette, and the picture below is just awesome. It may convert me back! The details are as follows: Taiwan-based company Wintek has received the contract to supply touchscreen panels for Apple products, though it’s not sure what the final application will be. At […]

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