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Toyota HJ60 1/10th RC Scaler Scratch Styrene Build

Since this blog is becoming more and more something I want to hand over to my son Archie one day I figured I’d start sharing more what he and I do together and this is a fun project thatI’ve been archiving as we went along, so here goes. As a lad I got well into […]

Martian Night Panorama

I am still absolutely aghast and amazed at this incredible high def 360 degree panorama of Mars and the Milky Way filled night sky taken by the Mars Rover. It’s almost certainly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Simply the most humbling and beautiful experience. As if being there. One of the current furthest […]

Classy Robotic CGI Showreel

Beautiful Staff Pick from Vimeo – Box from Bot & Dolly, featuring some great CGI, clever robotic program design, a lovely black and white mood and a great soundtrack. Watch on a retina Mac if you get the chance – beautiful!

Tech Round Up Aug 16th

Google have stolen the spotlight back from Apple with 2 new developments in recent weeks. First and most importantly is there move into the space most commonly dominated by Apple since it’s conception of Airplay. Chromecast is a cheap new, small plug in device that works with any TV with an HDMI jack and allows […]

Tech Round Up Feb 11th

The Crunchies happened over in the US – Techcrunch’s annual awards ceremony. Here’s the list of winners. No real surprises, except maybe that Zuckerberg won it again. Surely there are some more progressive CEO’s worthy of note. Great to see the developers social network Github winning best startup.

See through monitor screen [video]

A definite highlight from CES this year is Samsung’s new see-through LCD monitor screen – Smart Window. Total Recall & Minority Report here we come!

What is The Internet of Things?

Here’s a really good video from IBM answering the question: What is The Internet of Things? It serves to remind us of how transient our current grasp on technology is, and how close we are to a type of Skynet reality!

Digital Trends in 2012

I know – you are probably as fed up as I am with people saying stupid things like “it’ll be the year of mobile” (it will be honest!) but here is my favourite of the bunch as it is by far the most useful resource from a strategic planning point of view (IMHO). View more […]

Hover Scalextric!

JAPAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Here is a short footage on our recent work on quantum levitation. We were inspired by the game Wipe’out to do our work. With this new technology, we hope to revolutionize the world of motor transport; Maybe in a near future we could assist to a real Wipe’out race. […]

Konstantin’s cable & Google’s tethered space station

NASA artists impression of Konstantin’s cable Surprisingly it was not a science fiction writer who came up with the idea of tethering a space station at a point on the equator via a hugely long cable, but a Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in 1895. A real stretch for anyone’s imagination the idea has lasted, […]

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