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Brighton Panoramas

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Social Media Activity Maps

These maps created by Eric Fischer combine data from the photo-sharing website Flickr and the micro-blogging network Twitter. The orange dots represent pictures uploaded to Flickr, while the blue dots are tweets, and the white dots represent locations that have been both tweeted and uploaded to Flickr.

The longest ever photographic exposure

This post is nicked in its’ entirety from the great How To Be A Retronaut blog These photographs by Michael Wesely of New York’s Museum of Modern Art have an exposure time of three years: “In 2001, Wesely installed cameras overlooking the surrounding buildings. The resulting photographs—some completed as late as June 2004—present the extensive transformation of the site. […]

One of *my* favourite photos

I love photography. Don’t have enough time for it, and am currently camera-less. However the odd iPhone photo works out – this being one of the, Taken a year ago on a wonderful trip to Paris it captures my reflection in the window of a coffee shop, where a man sits working on his Apple […]

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