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Glam Rock inspired guitar solos (all time faves)

OK so it wasn’t until I watched a documentary on David Bowie on Channel 4 recently that I really appreciated how seminal the track Moonage Daydream was in the glam rock movement. But it is also important as a pivotal piece of music for all sorts of other reasons. A lot of people say that […]

All Time Top Ten: dance music producers – G. Bortolotti

Its been ages that I’ve been meaning to write something about this ledge of a man. As a DJ back in the early nineties G. Bortolotti was a name stamped on to many fine dance music releases. These weren’t the usual early nineties techno break beat rave tunes mind you, these were uplifting vocal sampled […]

Stakker – John Peel Session 1995

In honour of the wonderful and honourable John Peel Archive movement I ripped from cassette and posted to Soundcloud a Stakker session recorded for John Peel in 1995. Here it is in all it’s analogue glory. John Peel Archive on Facebook & Twitter.

In The Area – The Free Rave Phenomenon

Love this. Very reminiscent of many hazy occasions in my own memory, and perhaps even better than Chase and Status’s Blind Faith video (which i have just had to embed below in the same context!). Thanks to Sara Sender and her buddies. (Source:¬†

Sophie and Peter Johnston – Sold On You (dance remix)

As far as I’m aware this was never released. It’s a 12″ from brother and sister Sophie and Peter Johnston’s wonderfully optimistic and passionate debut and only album. This is the B2 remix (why were the best mixes always the 2nd track on the B side?) and to my mind is the most innocent, uninhibited […]

Thomas Dolby & Howard Jones – new work

Good to see these two legends of 80’s synth pop releasing or re-releasing their work. I had a huge soft spot for both of them growing up through my teens in the 80s. It was a heady time of understanding what a quality sound system was (thanks to my friend Simon Cranshaw), what live music […]

Burning Man Festival 2011

It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go ever since I saw these amazing aerial photos of the site in the Nevada desert.

David Sylvian new tour dates

I’ve loved David Sylvian ever since Adolescent Sex, the post-punk 1978 Japan album. I’ve seen him live more recently and although the gig was amazing he’s lost me until recently with his melancholic poetry based music that is more about negative space than rhythm.

[AUDIO] DJ Tim – Turbo Mix 5b: an old school rave mix from 1991

For all my newer blog readers: in a former life I was a DJ. Check out my early nineties rave diaries over on my hobby site. God knows why but here is a mix of mine from 1991. If you were there maybe you can help me ID the missing tracks over on Soundcloud?! Enjoy […]

[VIDEO] Streetdance: Komapny Malakhi – Rotations (in rehearsal)

This one’s for Archie:

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