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Tech Round Up Aug 16th

Google have stolen the spotlight back from Apple with 2 new developments in recent weeks. First and most importantly is there move into the space most commonly dominated by Apple since it’s conception of Airplay. Chromecast is a cheap new, small plug in device that works with any TV with an HDMI jack and allows […]

Groupon Now! – The Future of Advertising

In a recent Guardian magazine article the CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason, explains the success of his business model. In laymans terms the success of Groupon lies in it’s ability to breakdown the feeling of inertia in all of us when we see a special offer. All too often in the past we have the […]

Social Media access by Mobile Q3 2010

Nothing like an up-to-date stat, and here’s one from eMarketer’s 2011 Digital Trends presentation showing how married mobile & social are.

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