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Knowledge Management aka Social Media aka Cultural Change

In his brilliant article over on Cognitive Egde today Dave Snowden ties together my great passions in a coherent way that reflects a point in the divergence of thinking that has been dawning on me. Having schooled in Social Media under the brilliant Antony Mayfield I’ve seen first hand how the simplest enterprise social network […]

Social CRM: The next big gold rush?

Beyond dealing with my extended friends in my own network I have often wondered what the best way is for brands to deal with what they might call ‘friends’ in their growing and presumably far more extensive and complex networks. So I’m sat here at the Technology for Marketing & Advertising show about to witness […]

Campaign to fix Facebook search

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Facebook search sucks! Surely Facebook’s ears pricked up when the data demonstrated more people using them than using Google to find stuff? To demonstrate how bad it’s getting look at this results page for a search for National Accident Helpline. If you are interested in […]


This is an interesting move. Google has opened up it’s Places APi to gaming start up SCVNGR who have now just launched globally. SCVNGR “brings together gaming and location-based applications and now has more than half a million users.” It’s a downloadable app that has the same functionality as Foursquare and Facebook places but takes things […]

Flipboard: your personalised social magazine

How blasé does the guy in this video look! Shame as it’s a great looking idea… anyone tried it?

Vail Resorts & Facebook Places: Epicmix

I was interested to read of a new innovative deployment for Vail Resorts, a client of my previous agency iCrossing. A few months before its five ski resorts open for the season, the Colorado-based Vail Resorts has unveiled a preview of something called Epic Mix, a set of Web and mobile apps based on skiers’ […]

Being an influencer in popular culture

From and via the wonderful Jailbreak blog INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Social Media, Crowdsourcing & Crisis Management

This blog post was originally a guest post over at the Cubeworks blog – Nothing like starting with a bang! Here are 3 bleeding edge buzzwords of the modern age that have their own heady mix of excitement, confusion, science fiction & reality. I’m a Generation X’er and therefore grew up with the evolution […]

Radiohead Crowdsourced [VIDEO]

From the fantastic PSFK blog: In August last year, a group of die hard Radiohead fans recorded footage of the band playing in a live concert in Prague. The fans captured the concert from several angles and have now made the entire recording available as a free download in multiple formats. Radiohead also contributed to […]

Digital Darwinism – Booz & Co./Strategy + Business

I’m reading a 10 page article over on the fantastic Strategy + Business website of the global consulting company Booz & Co. and thought I’d share my thoughts and some snippets. The article is in reaction to a global survey conducted across the worlds advertising and marketing agencies and speak authoritatively about the challenges the industry […]

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