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The why’s and how’s of Attribution Analysis – Matthew Tod, CEO of Logan Tod

Hand in hand with social CRM and tracking engagement through your various social networks and channels, attribution modelling is nirvana for most people in marketing right now. The obvious signs of this nirvana are here, with businesses such as Tagman setting up, that at least in part look at attributing value to various different touch points […]

Quora & SEO

3,000,000+ pages and already a Page Rank of 5 and Quora has been around for less than a fortnight… It will be really interesting to see how much prominence Google affords cached Quora pages in their algorithm. Is this the Wikipedia of the ignorant?! Maybe this is the Ask Jeeves model that never worked. It seems to […]

The Future Agency, by We Are Social

Really interesting view on convergence by Robin Grant of We Are Social. In his full post over on their blog he argues that branding social media activity is old hat now and just a no-go (a relief to hear) and that true user experience design will have to win (also fantastic to hear). Robin cites […]

Marketing Week live! – Digital Strategy Panel – #MWL2010

I was fortunate enough to arrive just in time to catch the best panel of the day at the Marketing Week Live event today. It was a rare opportunity to hear the combined comments of some of the greatest strategic thinkers in the digital space right now in the UK. The panel included Julius Duncan […]

What’ Google testing now?

Check out this new highlighted background in the SERPs I spotted today… admittedly for a very specific query but the first I’ve seen it. It’s odd that it’s such a long way down the SERPs and seemingly irrelevant… any ideas? PS If anyone knows of a Chrome plug in that lists Page Rank next to […]

Learning about FBML

I’ve worked on several Social Media campaigns that have naturally gravitated towards Facebook as a popular social platform that affords familiar sharing functionality and presents the lowest barrier to entry i.e. everyones already on it. There are a lot of annoying things about Facebook, but the thing that’s been getting to me most (yes more […]

Google does F1

Did anyone else spot that Google was showing positions for the Malaysian gran prix this morning? Very clever, although I did note that they were a few laps late!

The iPad launch and Google’s slice of Live Search

I do want one, and I am in the target market, but as a colleague of mine pointed out, it’s not actually a Mac, it’s still the iPhone OS, so it retains the control Apple want. In fact if I think about it too hard I don’t want one. That succinct marketing message stating that […]

Search & Social: the new navigation and the advertising dilemma

Well, well, well – I never thought I’d live to see the day! And it truly is a momentous day. Twitter results will appear in both Google’s and Microsoft’s search engine results pages!! I have to pinch myself. What a convergence. I mean I know we saw this coming, but how on earth can any […]

Digital Marketing Made Simple

The below deck is the final presentation that I made while working as a Knowledge Manager at iCrossing. Rather pompously entitled ‘Digital Marketing Made Simple’ it’s a rather complex looking Prezi presentation, incorporating everything I’d learned in my 9 years at the company! I stumbled across it and thought I should stick it on the […]

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