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Social Web Literacy

Listening to a webinar from iCrossing’s VP Head of Social Media Antony Mayfield persuading brands to open up their IT and build a framework to help their businesses to be social. And not just from a marketing point of view – this has to be a holistic shift: a shift from corporate closed to social […]

Twitter usage: fact me

Whenever I see research from WARC I always break out into song – in this instance Run DMC’s “Warc this way…“! Ahem… anyway… here’s something that’s been on my mind. I’ve often looked on Twitter as a different type of social network. In fact I wouldn’t actually call it a social network. To me it […]

IBM shift from Knowledge Management to Knowledge Sharing

I don’t know whether I was disappointed or surprised to see a blog post this morning heralding such a paradigm shift for a company like IBM. From where I’m sitting this practice should be endemnic of the world’s best companies. I guess, typically though, the bigger the corporation the harder the shift. One of the […]

IBM on change, intelligence, connectivity and analytics

And on the subject of IBM… there’s another great article on the BBC Technology website featuring an interview with Brendan Riley, CEO of IBM, and talking about intelligence, connectivity and analytics. It is now possible to infuse intelligence into the way the world works. The financial turmoil has reminded us that we are all now […]

Euan Semple on business support roles and web 2.0

A tweet by Euan drew my attention to a post he has recently written about a subject close to my heart while working for a big agency like iCrossing. I have been fortunate to be working as a knowledge manager with the agency and as such have very much fulfilled a business support functionality. While […]

Twitter as a tool for Personal Knowledge Management

Great title for a great post! Eric Mack, a 25 year business entrepeneur and productivity consultant, observes that in terms of the popular business organisation process Getting Things Done, Twitter is a tool that signals a path to a clearer communications channel. JP Rangaswami wrote about this recently (I summarised in my post Twitter as a […]

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