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Gartner Hype Cycle 2010

…for all you early adopters out there… and you marketeers – check out how technology can impact on your initiatives and likely adoption times based on the newly released Gartner hype cycle. There’s a 09/10 comparison and full summary over on the fantastic Smart Insights blog.


This is an interesting move. Google has opened up it’s Places APi to gaming start up SCVNGR who have now just launched globally. SCVNGR “brings together gaming and location-based applications and now has more than half a million users.” It’s a downloadable app that has the same functionality as Foursquare and Facebook places but takes things […]

Flipboard: your personalised social magazine

How blasé does the guy in this video look! Shame as it’s a great looking idea… anyone tried it?

Presso espresso: innovation in yer kitchen

I got to get me one of these! Check out the crema… and what a great bit of innovation to drive down the cost of a typical espresso machine (£200+) to £70… Dear Santa… For the record, it is not necessary to modify the Presso in any way to achieve great tasting, rich shots of espresso replete […]

Vail Resorts & Facebook Places: Epicmix

I was interested to read of a new innovative deployment for Vail Resorts, a client of my previous agency iCrossing. A few months before its five ski resorts open for the season, the Colorado-based Vail Resorts has unveiled a preview of something called Epic Mix, a set of Web and mobile apps based on skiers’ […]

Branson’s space port runway opens [video]

’tis a momentous day. Although it’s not either the space port itself or the start of the first commercial flights, the New Mexico runway that Branson’s Virgin Galactic tourist space flights will launch from. In an interesting interview on CNN below he states that although the price of a flight is expensive at £137,000 per […]

Tech/web curation: The World Is Full of Interesting Things

That’s the name of a brilliant slideshow created by Google’s Creative Labs. You’ll find a lot of interesting HTML5 apps, iPhone apps, visualization tools, 3D projections, art projects, creative YouTube videos, crowdsourcing services and many other interesting things. Packing together 106 works from the “creative internet” into one Google slideshow. It’s a visual grab bag of […]

Social Media, Crowdsourcing & Crisis Management

This blog post was originally a guest post over at the Cubeworks blog – Nothing like starting with a bang! Here are 3 bleeding edge buzzwords of the modern age that have their own heady mix of excitement, confusion, science fiction & reality. I’m a Generation X’er and therefore grew up with the evolution […]

Mashable’s 11 Astounding Sci-Fi Predictions That Came True

Great post over on Mashable which disappointingly doesn’t state any Brian Aldiss inventions… when I see him next I’ll ask!! 1. The iPad: 1968 We all giggled earlier this year when Apple announced the iPad. Some of us made jokes about certainfeminine products. But it looks like Arthur C. Clarke went down the the same naming […]

Transmedia: story telling, cross platform and beyond

I first read about transmedia in Wired, and since it seems I’ve been talking more and more about with people (anyone who can get their noodle round it) I thought I’d quote the parts from the article (all of which can be read here). Esther Robinson got off the R train in Astoria, Queens, and […]

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