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Toyota HJ60 1/10th RC Scaler Scratch Styrene Build

Since this blog is becoming more and more something I want to hand over to my son Archie one day I figured I’d start sharing more what he and I do together and this is a fun project thatI’ve been archiving as we went along, so here goes. As a lad I got well into […]

Martian Night Panorama

I am still absolutely aghast and amazed at this incredible high def 360 degree panorama of Mars and the Milky Way filled night sky taken by the Mars Rover. It’s almost certainly the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Simply the most humbling and beautiful experience. As if being there. One of the current furthest […]

Classy Robotic CGI Showreel

Beautiful Staff Pick from Vimeo – Box from Bot & Dolly, featuring some great CGI, clever robotic program design, a lovely black and white mood and a great soundtrack. Watch on a retina Mac if you get the chance – beautiful!

Social Media Network Map – London co’s and peeps

I love network maps. They don’t tell you much and can be easily manipulated to tell different stories but they don’t half look pretty and try to present a visual image of what can’t actually be seen but is all around us!

All Time Top Ten: dance music producers – G. Bortolotti

Its been ages that I’ve been meaning to write something about this ledge of a man. As a DJ back in the early nineties G. Bortolotti was a name stamped on to many fine dance music releases. These weren’t the usual early nineties techno break beat rave tunes mind you, these were uplifting vocal sampled […]

Social Marketing: selling your social soul

Gamification. Not only is it not a real word but it’s a misnomer. But it’s a clever misnomer as it tricks you into believing what you’re doing is fun. According to Wikipedia “Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or application  in order to encourage people to […]

Gamification of life: CRED social scoring

Well another day working in the digital business is another day for distraction. I’d score really highly in the distraction ratings. Forget Kred, what’s my Dist score today?! Anyway I was going to write about the emergence of social media scoring into the mainstream with the launch of a new banking product (until @maddywood‘s tweet […]


Close Encounters T Shirt

“If everything’s ready here on the Dark Side of the Moon… play the five tones.” Great idea for a T shirt design.

Le Meilleur Du Monde 2011 pt 2

This isn’t exactly easy viewing and it certainly makes you want to see more of some bits more slowly but it’s still a great compilation of web goodness. Enjoy

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