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Solving the world’s financial/debt system

I don’t normally write financial related blog posts but I was inspired by a friend of mine, Tom Nixon after a coffee and Twitter conversation we had recently (as you do). He pointed me in the direction of a documentary from a couple of years back called The Secret of Oz. No excuses – watch […]

Knowledge Management aka Social Media aka Cultural Change

In his brilliant article over on Cognitive Egde today Dave Snowden ties together my great passions in a coherent way that reflects a point in the divergence of thinking that has been dawning on me. Having schooled in Social Media under the brilliant Antony Mayfield I’ve seen first hand how the simplest enterprise social network […]

Road trains: the future of connected driving

The utopian futures of urbanisation as depicted films like Minority Report, Star Wars and Blade Runner (utopian?) came one step closer recently when Volvo announced real world trails of something that they’ve coined (SARTRE) Road Trains. Anyone who’s ever tail-gated a bus on a bike will understand the principles of economy involved here, but it’s […]

TED: Clay Shirky: How the Internet will transform gov’t

It’s over on the great TED website but well worth personally archiving this fantastic and entertaining speech.

Social Marketing: selling your social soul

Gamification. Not only is it not a real word but it’s a misnomer. But it’s a clever misnomer as it tricks you into believing what you’re doing is fun. According to Wikipedia “Gamification is the integration of game mechanics or game dynamics into a website, service, community, campaign, or application  in order to encourage people to […]

Gamification of life: CRED social scoring

Well another day working in the digital business is another day for distraction. I’d score really highly in the distraction ratings. Forget Kred, what’s my Dist score today?! Anyway I was going to write about the emergence of social media scoring into the mainstream with the launch of a new banking product (until @maddywood‘s tweet […]

What is The Internet of Things?

Here’s a really good video from IBM answering the question: What is The Internet of Things? It serves to remind us of how transient our current grasp on technology is, and how close we are to a type of Skynet reality!

History of the home PC/Apple GUI

This was a great find by DJ Greg Wilson: a series of short films about how all creation is plagiarism. Here’s the 3rd of 3 (the 4th is coming autumn 2011) which focuses on the creation of the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the modern-day home PC. Interestingly it was of course Apple who successfully brought […]

The Future of the Book

From the great Design Thinking blog: The Future of the Book. from IDEO on Vimeo. Some folks in the New York office of IDEO have been thinking about the future of the book and how it shows up as an experience on tablets. They would love to get your reactions to the ideas. It is […]

Gartner Hype Cycle 2010

…for all you early adopters out there… and you marketeers – check out how technology can impact on your initiatives and likely adoption times based on the newly released Gartner hype cycle. There’s a 09/10 comparison and full summary over on the fantastic Smart Insights blog.

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