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NASA Travel Posters

Wow look at these beautiful pieces of poster artwork commissioned by NASA themselves to help inspire a generation to stay on board with the space discovery missions being run by NASA. Commissioned to look like art deco 1930’s era classic poster-work they certainly evoke memories of some classic science fiction artwork and could easily adorn […]

Cinemagraphs: moving moments caught in time

To compliment the Kubrick classics animated gifs that I published some time ago here are some great new examples of what are now called cinemagraphs. I’ve got to make some. There’s some instructions on the source site.

Social Media Network Map – London co’s and peeps

I love network maps. They don’t tell you much and can be easily manipulated to tell different stories but they don’t half look pretty and try to present a visual image of what can’t actually be seen but is all around us!

David Batchelor installation, Brightion Festival

Tron Legacy online cartoon strip

I really like the way this free sample of the Tron Legacy online cartoon strip has been put together. It’d look lovely on the iPad (and it will work on that platform as it’s built in HTML5 and not Flash). Check out the cool interaction over at

Halo The Art of Building Worlds

John Martin & Chris Foss eat your heart out! This amazing looking coffee table book – Halo The Art of Building Worlds – is right up there with the best of off-worldly, sci fi, end of the world hyper-reality art work. Check out these amazing images. You can buy the book from Amazon. (click on the […]

John Martin: Apocalypse at the Tate Britain

“In the 1800’s every home in Britain that could afford paper had a John Martin painting on the wall” …so popular was this key figure of 19th century British art – and this despite his visions of hell at the end of the world. Personally I can’t wait to see these huge canvases exhibited in […]

Star Wars Omnibus cartoon strip

Archie and I have been reading the Star Wars Omnibus at bedtime. It’s a classic story and great to read with a 7 yr old. Here are 2 of our favourite images. You can buy the whole series on Amazon.  

Star Wars Posters by Olly Moss

Absolutely love these Star Wars posters by Olly Moss… if only I could afford them! They’re on ebay for £2k! Check out these and more of his awesome work on

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