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Glam Rock inspired guitar solos (all time faves)

OK so it wasn’t until I watched a documentary on David Bowie on Channel 4 recently that I really appreciated how seminal the track Moonage Daydream was in the glam rock movement. But it is also important as a pivotal piece of music for all sorts of other reasons. A lot of people say that […]

All Time Top Ten: dance music producers – G. Bortolotti

Its been ages that I’ve been meaning to write something about this ledge of a man. As a DJ back in the early nineties G. Bortolotti was a name stamped on to many fine dance music releases. These weren’t the usual early nineties techno break beat rave tunes mind you, these were uplifting vocal sampled […]

All time top ten… albums: Forss – Soulhack

Whilst re-downloading an album that I find myself coming back to again and again more than any other album in my entire collection – Forss: Soulhack – I felt compelled to write an Amazon review for it which I thought I would share with you here. Eric Wahlforss of course famously went on to found […]

My All Time Top Ten… Tunes

This has got to be the hardest “My All Time Top Ten” list! Movies were hard, but with such a broad range of stuff I like, and with the voracious nature of my habit(!) there’s a lot of water under the bridge!! One thing I realise as I pull together the list is that (fairly […]

My All Time Top Ten… Holidays

1. Cote D’Azur, France Photo credit: me! Let’s get one thing straight first off – I am an avid Francophile. I’d love to live there. But I love to holiday there more! Since I was first able to travel on my own I’ve been travelling south through France. It’s all very easy to say the […]

My All Time Top Ten… Movies

1. The Insider (Michael Mann) Why? Well because of everything. This is the movie that it is hard to find fault with anywhere. Michael Mann’s directing style is unique and this is the best in his repertoire. His use of low level lighting and tight angles is used to best effect here. This is also […]

My All Time Top Ten… Vehicles (aka My Vehicles)

(This post is part of a series – the first being ‘My Gadgets‘) Edit: and now part of the My All Time Top Ten series 🙂 1. Volkswagen Golf CL (Mk 1) 1985 – 89 Classic 1400cc blue go kart! Boy the fun I had in this car!. Don’t tell my mum (RIP) but this […]

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