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This time 30 years ago…

I’m updating this post as the year passes! Skip on down here: 29/03/91, 08/03/91, 25/01/91, 11/01/91 5th April 1991 30 years ago this weekend the hardcore continues in these two sets from DJ Gravedigger “The man is gonna put you six feet under!” (aka me DJ Tim prior to settling into the more understated Groovedigger […]

Legendary & Timeless – Anjunadeep 11 Live @ Printworks

I wanted to immortalise this brilliant DJ set. It’s so much more than a set actually. It’s a lush, deep landscape of music that is so perfectly crafted together, and what’s more-so is that it was performed live as surely one of the last great live electronic dance music events before lockdown. For me it […]

Prism/Spectrum Oxford 30th Anniversary Mix

Best of Thames Valley Free Rave 2 hours of the best of 1990 – 1995 rave, techno, breakbeat & house as heard at Prism and then Spectrum, the Oxford Venue, Oxford and at various free & paid parties in and round the Thames valley and the south east and south west. Mastered from a live […]

I’ve Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe

“Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.” Bladerunner 2049 opened in cinemas in the UK yesterday – 6th October 2017. I was lucky enough to catch the 2nd showing of the day at the Dukes at Komedia cinema in Brighton. Set 30 years after the original […]

Toyota HJ60 1/10th RC Scaler Scratch Styrene Build

Since this blog is becoming more and more something I want to hand over to my son Archie one day I figured I’d start sharing more what he and I do together and this is a fun project thatI’ve been archiving as we went along, so here goes. As a lad I got well into […]

My Inspiration for Travel

Where did you get yours from? Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s dad used to drag us around all over the place. My longest lasting memories are of those trips we had in various hired campervans. That’s where I got the bug for the campervan infatuation that I’m passing on to my kids. What […]

Crazy P – New Album – Walk Dance Talk Sing

How lovely to look forward to Crazy P returning to Brighton to play a full live set later this month. Their new album has only just be unveiled but it is available to stream as of today via Soundcloud, and below. Enjoy. We love the Crazy P and this new one is just as good […]

NASA Travel Posters

Wow look at these beautiful pieces of poster artwork commissioned by NASA themselves to help inspire a generation to stay on board with the space discovery missions being run by NASA. Commissioned to look like art deco 1930’s era classic poster-work they certainly evoke memories of some classic science fiction artwork and could easily adorn […]

Submotion Orchestra – a study in bass & production

Formed in Leeds in 2009┬áthe Submotion Orchestra are touching the zeitgeist with their dynamic frequencies and crisp production. Their sound has been heralded by younger dance fans and ageing beard-stroking musos alike. Influences span the decades, from jazz, to soul, ambient, dubstep, electronica and house but are all nailed firmly to the ground with some […]

Interstellar is out of this world!

I have to say that I loved the movie Interstellar. There’s something so bold and inspiring about it’s message that to me it feels like a call to action for our generation and that of our kids. Christopher Nola’s epic magnum opus Interstellar opened on Friday 8th Nov 2014. I saw it in it’s native […]

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