In2Deep – a deep house mix tape

I’m proud to say that I used to be DJ Tim The Groovedigger and from about ’91 to ’98 used to have residencies and run club nights playing all manner of dance music.

My favourite spell was running a regular Brighton night In2Deep which I brought down with me from Oxford (where we had a great Sunday night at PoNaNa). Heavily influenced by Paul Trouble Anderson it was a proper US deep house and garage night. Here is one of the best remaining mix tapes for your delectation.

In2Deep – a deep house mix tape

Maydie Myles – You Got Me Forever (acapella) K4B Records
Jazzmania – Mike Delgado (Nuphonic)
? – Broken Promises
? – Mike Delgado
Neon Light Feat. Fonda Rae ‎– Keep On Dancing
The Trinity – Gonna Take Time (Network)
Smokin’ Beats – Make Love Until the Morning Come (Smokin’ Beats)
Don-E – Don’t She (4th & Broadway)
Prince Quick Mix – What Goes Into Good Sex (Nervous)
Janet Rushmore – Joy (Choice Mix) (Released For Pleasure Music Ltd)
Rosie Gaines – I Want you

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