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Google have stolen the spotlight back from Apple with 2 new developments in recent weeks. First and most importantly is there move into the space most commonly dominated by Apple since it’s conception of Airplay. Chromecast is a cheap new, small plug in device that works with any TV with an HDMI jack and allows you to stream content from other devices to it. The most common platform for streaming is likely to be Youtube and you can easily start a video playing on your computer or mobile device and at the touch of a button have it play across the room on your TV (or multiple TV’s if you have multiple Chromecast). It’s selling for just $35 in the US and is expected to launch in the UK mid-September.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 15.53.04

It’s clever as it’s basically just the Chrome browser, but once you send the file to the TV it streams it via your wifi connection which means that there’s no drain on either your computer, mobile device or TV. Very clever.


Next up is Moto X, a new smartphone from Motorola. Remember them! Well Google bought them recently, and they paid an amazing $12m, that’s almost 10 times what they paid for Youtube. It clearly shows their intent to dominate the mobile phone market, and what this first release under their guidance shows is that their aspirations are in the direction of what the audience desires.


Speaking of desires here’s an interesting animation of global searches for the single word Motorola over the sat 9 years. See how interest wanes in the developed mass-market western world countries and travels south. This is obviously no reflection of sales but it will certainly be interesting to see if Google can shift this trend through their purchase.


The phone is exciting as it is one of the most comfortable in the hand, and it also has 9 processors, which in itself is pretty amazing, but this represents a big foray into the world of contextual devices. 2 of these processors simply (and efficiently for battery life) listen for commands. One wakes the camera as quickly as you’re likely to be able to activate any camera, the other listens for you to prompt it to do voice activated operations.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.00.07

It’s this latter combination of voice command and Siri-like assistance that is creating all the buzz, and while Google Glass represents the frontier of this type of contextual technology, the Moto X represents and really useful step in this direction.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 16.00.57

In other news: former Facebook CTO, and friend feed founder Jeff Stark has launched a new real time, multi platform collaborative tool called Quip. It’s in beta now so stroll over and take a look. It’s like a more creative version of Google Wave and looks like it could be useful for both business planning for for home use… collaborative shopping lists is a given example.

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