Ridley Scott: Patricide – Blade Runner & Gladiator

Similarities between Ridley Scott films are generally limited to quality. Quality in almost every aspect of movie making. But there are two films that have striking similarities.

The strongest themes in both Blade Runner and Gladiator are those of patricide. In Blade Runner the Nexus 6 Replicant Roy Batty kills his ‘father’ Dr Eldon Tyrell; in Gladiator Commodus kills his father Julius Cesar.

Watch the clips below and you’ll see striking familiarities.



Even with different cinematographers Ridley has certainly made sure his lighting and camera pans and angles are to his tastes, tastes some reviewers have described as ‘noir’.

The films were made 18 years apart but it’s fantastic to see such signature traits so effectively re-used in such different context.

Blad Runner & Gladiator both apear in my All Time Top 10 Movies.

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