…I am forced to write this blog post to you as neither of your 2 contact forms work (this form posts an error on sending and the feedback form link on this page goes to a 404) and I’m not willing to hold on a premium rate number.

My 7 yr old son Archie and I had a great trip to see Phantom Menace in 3D at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo in the week.

I wanted to write with some feedback on 2 points.

Firstly I was really disappointed to see that we couldn’t learn any more about the cinema, the format, the sound system, or IMAX in general. I was really hoping that this would be part of the trip as Archie and I are both big cinema fans.

Secondly this was a big occasion for both of us. Star Wars is a legendary series as you know but we had both been waiting for this and looking forward to (and saving up for) it but the ticket stub was far from collectable and didn’t mention 3D or IMAX and you can hardly see the BFI logo. Surely this is such a simple way to boost lasting enjoyment and have some subliminal marketing effect?

Funnily enough when we asked if we could learn any more at the ticket office both young members of staff implied that we could probably go up into the projection booth after the next film had started – a lovely thought that I was surprised at – but it would have meant hanging around for 40 minutes…

Anyway I thought I would write in the hope that you value this type of feedback.

Thanks for a great experience.

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