Thomas Dolby & Howard Jones – new work

Good to see these two legends of 80’s synth pop releasing or re-releasing their work. I had a huge soft spot for both of them growing up through my teens in the 80s. It was a heady time of understanding what a quality sound system was (thanks to my friend Simon Cranshaw), what live music felt like (thanks to Ali Simpson and countless others) and what fun partying with the opposite sex was (thanks to my sister!)

But the era leaves it’s longest legacy in the music (no offence to the gorgeous girl I currently party with!) as the production values of that era are still hard to beat.

Those were the days of Trevor Horn and his label Zang Tum Tum who produced diverse work such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Grace Jones and Propaganda. It was the era of Duran Duran (producer Nile Rogers), Simple Minds (Peter Walsh & Jimmy Jimmy Iovine), Japan (Simon Napier-Bell) & ABC (Gary Langan).

But Howard Jones & Thomas Dolby were the master technicians of 80’s synth and you can hear them working their machinery hard in their music.

Howard Jones released, and has just now re-released, the impossible to find The 12″ Album which is an indulgent delight for anyone who liked the extended bit that was added into every 80’s 12″ remix – knob twiddling heaven.

Thomas Dolby was more commonly known for his on-hit-wonder at the helm of the Buggles singing Video Killed The Radio Star, but thankfully had a more mature side that saw him craft some deeply intelligent work (albeit with a suitably good dose of awful 80’s lyrics.

So check out Howard Jones new Humans Lib & Dream Into Action – Live at The indigO2 – London (Howard Jones store link) and Thomas Dolby’s new A Map Of The Floating City album (there are snippets available over at Amazon)… the 80’s… it’s coming back round again right?!


Here are a like-minded souls ramblings on his love affair with Japan – Relax and Swing – a blog about 80s pop group Japan.


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