John Martin: Apocalypse at the Tate Britain

“In the 1800’s every home in Britain that could afford paper had a John Martin painting on the wall” …so popular was this key figure of 19th century British art – and this despite his visions of hell at the end of the world.

Personally I can’t wait to see these huge canvases exhibited in the huge space inside the Tate. And the space needs to be huge – my favourite “the Great Day of His Wrath” is 197 cm × 303 cm (78 in × 119 in).

The show runs from 21 September 2011 – 15 January 2012 and features a previously unseen canvas that has been lovingly restored from a digital print but one lucky restorer. Details of the show here.

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Not in the least bit copyrighted by Tim Aldiss 2012