Vail Resorts & Facebook Places: Epicmix

I was interested to read of a new innovative deployment for Vail Resorts, a client of my previous agency iCrossing. A few months before its five ski resorts open for the season, the Colorado-based Vail Resorts has unveiled a preview of something called Epic Mix, a set of Web and mobile apps based on skiers’ activity as logged by radio frequency (RF) readers around its resorts.

What PCMag calls a “social media mountain platform” it’s a solution similar to Foursquare badges that turns skiing and snowboarding into an interactive game in which skiers can earn “pins”.

It’s an exciting and innovating mash up which is attracting the attention and joint sponsorship of Nokia and Burton Snowboards.

Take a look over on their classic domain

Even Robert Scoble liked it:

Scobleizer: RT @sethporges: Vail Resorts new Epic Mix app uses RFID lift tickets to automatically update Foursquare-like mountain check-ins. Looks cool!

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