Perry Rhodan: most successful science fiction ever

I was amazed to read in Wired Magazine that this series of Science Fiction novels that has been running since 1961 has been publishing novella’s (that’s at least 17,500 words) EVERY WEEK! I mean that’s a 49 years x 52 weeks x at least 17,500 words = a lot.

Here’s Wikipedia’s entry:

Perry Rhodan is the name of a science fiction series published since 1961 in Germany, as well as the name of the main character.

Perry Rhodan is a space opera, dealing with several themes of science fiction. Having sold over one billion copies (inpulp booklet format) worldwide, it is the most successful science fiction book series ever written.[1] The series and its spin-offs have captured a substantial fraction of the original German science fiction output and exert influence on many German writers in the field[citation needed].

The series is told in an arc storyline structure. An arc — called a “cycle”[2] — would have anywhere from 25 to 100 issues devoted to it, similar subsequent cycles are referred to as a “grand-cycle”[3].

Puts my Dad’s 64 novels to shame! More here.

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