Knowledge Management and Business Change

This article over at “The Leader’s Guide to Radical Management” is a good read from an experienced KM professional – Steve Denning. The following quote in particular stuck out in my mind:

These great KM programs would flourish for a while, and even receive some internal recognition. But then something would happen. For instance, there would be a merger: in the name of rationalization, the KM program would be declared a success and the leadership unit of the KM program would be gutted. Or there would be a cost-cutting drive, and the KM program would be one of the sacrifices.

Knowledge management is a long term holistic practice and function that is so often misunderstood. I look forward to baking KM into everything I do and with a new future in front of me as I type this, am very excited about ensuring I use my experience as a KN practitioner in my future roles.

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