James Murphy – LCD Soundsystem’s last stand -The Guardian Guide

“I was at a club not dancing, because I didn’t dance. For years, I never danced,” Murphy says. “I was on ecstasy and I was peaking, and then the DJ played Tomorrow Never Knows and I lost my marbles. But I also had a very important revelation, which was that the way I was feeling was actually me. It wasn’t the drug. It was me. But you know, I never took ecstasy until I was 30. That’s important. When it comes to drugs, I’m a big proponent of the boat-sails-wind analogy: your life is a boat, the sails are your emotions, and drugs are the wind. When you’re a kid, your boat is small and your sail is huge, and drugs are like a hurricane. So you need to get to a point in life where you have a big enough boat to navigate the weather.”

A lovely analogy that I can see myself using when the time comes!

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