Facebook, #likes, the Open Graph and what it means for agencies

Mark Zuckerberg wants to help users connect to "higher quality content"

So Facebook pretty much came straight out yesterday and said that they want to be the web yesterday at the F8 conference. It’s a bold statement but one which I believe they have a very real chance of nearing.

What does it mean for agencies like Fresh Egg? Well there are a number of points to be aware of:

1. Facebook have introduced ‘like’ buttons for developers to place in their content wherever it is so that individuals can tell their friends on Facebook what they like when they are ‘out there’ in the rest of the web. (Crucially this data gets fed back to Facebook making them all powerful… muhaha!)

2. Facebook have coined the term Open Graph which, like the previously coined term Social Graph, will start to allow us as marketers to target people much more accurately based on what they like. We need to think about using the Open Graph protocol in our web builds.

3. Sites like the new Levi’s site (link) are taking this one step further already and intgrating much more closely to facebook to what they believe will be both their and their customers benefits. This is a real game changer and something we all need to think about for the future.

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