Defeating the Dark Side of Social Networking

Six Recommendations

To try to respond to conversations about their brands in social media, companies would do well to consider six sets of actions:

¶ Develop a "social customer management" strategy that includes technical and business process components designed to engage customers in conversations on the Web.

¶ Automate as much interaction with customers as possible, so call-center workers can put the best approaches to work repeatedly. Clarabridge, for example, makes automation software to help with this.

¶ Reduce the time it takes to respond to Web postings from weeks to hours, or even minutes. Attivio's real-time analytical software can help companies quantify and react to customer opinions, for example.

¶ Connect marketers with product development staff to build a bridge from the conversations happening on the Web to the goods and services your company produces. Dell's IdeaStorm is a great example.

¶ Balance your resources between fielding customer phone calls and responding to what's happening on the Web. Of these six actions that Accenture recommends, rebalancing these resources is perhaps the hardest, especially since customer management software may not easily consume information coming in through the Web.

¶ Prioritize which customers demand the most immediate attention, and come up with a plan to ensure a timely response based on how valuable they are.


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