Doppelganger Week on Facebook: Better Than Sharing Your Bra Color?

Facebook users have found a way to top the sharing your bra color meme: Celebrity Doppelganger Week.

We’ve been seeing status update after status update about this new meme pop up into our Facebook feeds. A quick search of Facebook explains exactly what’s going on:

“Doppelganger week! During this week change your profile picture to someone famous (actor, musician, athlete) you have been told you look like…. and repost this message.”

We have no idea how it started, and frankly we don’t care: the result is still both interesting and hilarious, depending on who your friends think they look like. We’ve seen posts on this all the way back to Tuesday, but it only recently picked up steam.

It is actually better than the Bra Color Facebook Status meme? We’re kind of fond of the bra color meme, but guys and girls alike are jumping on the doppelganger bandwagon. Let us know what you think of this newest trend in the comments.

[via Inquisitr]

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