The iPad launch and Google’s slice of Live Search

I do want one, and I am in the target market, but as a colleague of mine pointed out, it’s not actually a Mac, it’s still the iPhone OS, so it retains the control Apple want.

In fact if I think about it too hard I don’t want one. That succinct marketing message stating that over 75 million people know how to use iPad as they are existing iPhone users is just a marketeers dream. And you still have to use Apple software via the app store. Let’s look forward to the first hacked OS!

Anyway the point of writing is not to iSlate the iPad but to comment on another momentous change in the world of digital that I live and love.

As the fever grew last night, as per any global event, the world turned to the use of live tech to share their passions. Mobile phones lit up with feverish activity, and the masses crowded around their Techcrunch and CNN live feeds on their home and work PC’s. Compelled to share we started writing.

My first reaction was to set up Tweetdeck to monitor Twitter results for ipad. These came in thick and fast at about 2000 new tweets every 30 seconds (in fact I left it on over night and there were a further 380,000 since I last check late last night!). As it was 6 0’clock in the UK my friends feed became unusually quiet – people travelling home, or just generally glued to Steve Jobbs presentation.

Furious content creation then began. Endless blog posts, imagery, snippets, Stumbles, bitlets were pumped out into the ether. Under  the pressure I wish I had counted how many websites were falling over under the weight of the stampede for information as I followed link after link.

But then I did something irrational, something I haven’t done for a while during a live event – I Google’d! And lo and behold what a treasure trove of useful results! Before my eyes were images, videos, news results, and feed after feed of fresh live content from journalists, writers, fans and friends.

This is the moment that Google foresaw ever since the meteoric growth of Twitter and Facebook, particularly in terms of market share around live events. It’s no wonder they paid so much to trawl some of this attention back, and I liked it. The Google experience always brings authority, and as is ever the case with online, the more you read the more balanced your opinions become.

The integration of live search really brought this home for me last night and it serves as a milestone in Google’s lifeline.

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