Can Social Media save Northern Ireland

It was with great sorrow that I listened to the news on Radio 4 as I drove to work this morning. An enormous bomb had been discovered in Northern Ireland at the end of a week that had seen 2 other episodes of planned or attempted violence which can only hint towards an escalation of trouble over there.

Sinn Fein had a spokesman on The Today Show, a former convert Gary Kelly himself made the transition from aggression to politics. He stated that this new wave of violence is likely to be as a result of the next generation growing up and hearing the stories told by their families and secular groups.

He suggested that this lack of hindsight, perspective and vision was something that need to be addressed, and that he himself was active in resolving, inviting the youth in to “have an argument about it”!

Since the conflict in Ireland has been dormant for some years I’m sure Social Media would be a relatively new construct in the fray. I’m also sure that last time around it may well have been far to contentious a subject to decide to host a forum or social space and allow the public to post their own comments and responses.

But why not? Why couldn’t this be the perfect anonymous forum for the likes of Gerry Kelly to moderate. Is it happening? I believe that Social Media could be the best way to help eductae the next generation of the history of the violence in Northern Ireland, and the reasons why suich great spokespeaople as Gerry Kelly transitiioned from violenec to be ion Radio 4 today.

Social Media could indeed save Northern Ireland.

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