Live traffic information (courtesy of Google)

This is a bit of a melon twister!

Google’s own great blog has an article on it that (the equally great) ReadWriteWeb blog has picked up, about the lastest use of anonymised GPS data.

Google’s amazing ability to crunch vast quantities of data is proving more useful than even the ‘real time web’. In this case they are crunching real time data of GPS phones which are travelling on roads and highways. Averaging the lateral speed of this data allows Google the ability to plot traffic conditions on Google maps. Amazing!

I’m still amazed by new technology and will I’m sure continued to be. I’ve only recently discovered that I can not only see my exact location at any given time where I have a mobile signal or wifi, but I can also see in the same view which direction I am heading in – therefore allowing point to point directions and navigation. Overlaying traffic information in this regards is just the most awesome use of data yet – again the stuff of science fiction.

Just one hitch (and like other Google apps such as Google Voice) – I wonder when it will come to the UK.

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