Al Qaeda’s latest weapon of mass destruction – black holes

OK, so it’s rediculous, but nevertheless predictable to the paranoid west. Here’s what the Times had to say today

Al-Qaeda – in a bit of a hole again

I’m greatly relieved at the news from the Cern institute in Switzerland, where it emerges that their Large Hadron Collider is being run by Al-Qaeda. When the thing broke down a year or so ago because they’d got soot on their magnets or something, I smelt a rat: this isn’t the Swiss, I thought, it’s got to be the fundi fanatics. Anyway, now a man has been arrested at Cern suspected of being a member of the north African branch of the incompetently murderous franchise and all has become clear. Some people are worried that having Al-Qaeda running Cern could be a little dangerous, given that certain scientists believe the collider might create a bunch of black holes which will swallow us all up. But if Al-Qaeda ever managed to create a black hole they would almost certainly lose it in the boot of their car on the way to Glasgow airport. “Where the hell is it, Ahmed? I told you to pack a bloody torch.”

…and here’s a link to the article on the BBC:

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