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Listening to a webinar from iCrossing’s VP Head of Social Media Antony Mayfield persuading brands to open up their IT and build a framework to help their businesses to be social. And not just from a marketing point of view – this has to be a holistic shift: a shift from corporate closed to social open.

It got me to thinking…

Working in digital marketing (as I have for the last 15 years) it’s easy to get complacent about my experience in digital, the web, and now the network-led view of the world. And it’s surprisingly hard to convincingly make the argument, even to your friends or family, about this transitional shift and how its changing everything. Hell the new openness is partly  behind the credit crunch, and certainly behind the recent unpleasantness in the UK around politician’s expenses… it’s very easy to find out and expose things in the socially networked world.

What is evident however is that there is a direct correlation between the length of time that broadband has been available and the ability of people to be active in the social web.

Ross Mayfield (of Simpletext fame) developed the power law of participation, depicted below, that demonstrates this. Generally the longer you’ve had broadband the further up the scale you are in terms of engagement… the less you have to think about it the easier it is to you to engage.

Interestingly the level of engagement is also diametrically opposed to the amount of control a brand has (as seen below). Perhaps this is why it’s time to break down those IT barriers and start accepted the social web inside the enterprise.

Read all about it on Antony’s blog – Social Web Literacy.

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