Telegraph website tops newspaper website market share league
This is interesting news – it marks a win for the Telegraph in the attention markets.
For some time iCrossing’s Head of Social Media Antony Mayfield has banged on about how the Telegraph set up their new Victoria offices. It was set up to be much more like a trading floor, and indeed uses the same space as the former Leehman Brothers trading floor.
The office was arranged to centre around news/information and geared towards constantly competing for attention, amongst their own journalists for the homepage, against their competitors, and for attention hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.
We also have it on good authority that the Telegraph hold back stories until they know that they will get good traction at certain times of day. This demonstrates great use of analytics. In fact they are so good at this that they increased their market share by 8% when their nearest competitor the Guardian could only manage half this.
This speaks volumes about how others should compete in the attention markets by understanding how important content and information should be, and how central it is to business.

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