IBM shift from Knowledge Management to Knowledge Sharing

I don’t know whether I was disappointed or surprised to see a blog post this morning heralding such a paradigm shift for a company like IBM. From where I’m sitting this practice should be endemnic of the world’s best companies. I guess, typically though, the bigger the corporation the harder the shift.

One of the strengths of the company for whom I have worked for the last nine years has been our openess and honesty about everything we do. The day we comprimise this is the day we comprimise our success and our individual credibility, and where for a small company like Spannerworks, growing up to be bought out by a bigger agency like iCrossing (our USP was sharing everything we knew) for a corporate like IBM the task is a huge one, which demands enormous groundswell to get buy in.

John Chambers of Cisco Systems talks alot (the great orator he is) about how he approached the democratisation of power within Cisco. M’ colleague Antony Mayfiedl writes a great summary of the shift in control of power over on his Open Minds blog. The entire hour long video of a recent talk at MIT is embedded below:

I guess it kind of seems amazing to me that up until the advent of the social media phenomenon it has been possible to do so much of such apparent secrecy behind corporate closed doors. This  is now being make so evidentally transparent that it may well spell the end for some big corporates who will inevitably have trouble sharing.

Read the whole article over at MK Edge:

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