IBM on change, intelligence, connectivity and analytics

And on the subject of IBM… there’s another great article on the BBC Technology website featuring an interview with Brendan Riley, CEO of IBM, and talking about intelligence, connectivity and analytics.

It is now possible to infuse intelligence into the way the world works.

The financial turmoil has reminded us that we are all now connected – economically, technologically and socially. However, we’re realising that just being connected is not sufficient.

Those companies, countries even, that put this intelligence to practical use will be those that seize competitive advantage and emerge from the current turmoil as leaders.

There are so many exciting and game-changing opportunities if you think about the world from a system perspective.

We just need to open our minds and let ourselves think about what the opportunities could be. It’s about changing how the world literally works.

As a technology geek with a lot of friends and colleagues in analytics I love the idea – what do you think?

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