A momentous day in world politics or a hoax?

So did April 2nd 2009 herald such ground breaking change as it really felt? I’ve no idea, and feel I’m sure as most people feel, that no one actually knows what the outcomes will be as a result of such a reduclous figure as $1 trillion dollars being thrust into needy hands.

One thing is for sure – it was great to see the grinding gears of capitalism throwing together the top 20 world leaders onto one stage (just about!). We all know how hard it is to even get 20 work colleagues together in one room, but to do this on the world stage is simply awesome.

Whether or not you appreciate politics, think you understand business, or are simply an avid newspaper reader, you’ll be aware of some of the issues around the G20. The leaders have pretty much charactured themselves right up to th 11th hour with their shadey dealings! The spectre of the French in the form of Nicolas Sarkozy has been particularly inspiring for cartoonists worldwide. The truth behind his last minute diplomatic communique’s with China’s president was over a meeting that Sarkozy had had with the Tibetan leader in Poland the pervious December… I mean how hard is it to be able to anticipate the outcome of the steps you take in world politics today!

For me the license that power has to print money has totally exposed power law. It reiterates the way I feel about corporate hierachy. We mustn’t forget that as humans we invented the system that is capitalism and we still have control over it. All the resession is is groundswell of the masses saying no to spending because of the fear brought by a global system failing. We only have ourselves to blame.

What went wrong for me? …we were too arrogant to listen. There were people out there telling us what was going on, but the hierachy of greed chose not to listen.

So the fact that the ‘09 G20 summit happened on Brown’s watch means that he will finally now be remembered for something… that is assuming that what happened yesterday actually means anything to the world… and it appears this morning that it does – world markets have rallied. The figure was simply big enough to make enough people out there in the world with enough trading power to feel better about themsleves, and the world situation, and start to take risks and trade again.

What’s caught my imagination…? Well from a knowledge management perspective it is always interesting to see what leaders say when they are ‘off prompt’ – that is when they have to use everything that they have ever learned in their career, and actaully be ‘the man’…the leader …to say what they actually really mean, what they believe in, and to say it for every single one of the individuals in their nation. Christ it’s an unenviable task. And the ones that do it best aren’t necessarily the best politicians.

Obama actually really struggled to be a politician when he was asked by a BBC correspondant who he thought was responsible for the recession. It wasn’t comfortable watching, but what I find disappointing is that Obama didn’t manage to say anything revolutionary… even evolutionary… he defaulted to academic politics and skirted round the real answer. Hell maybe it’s just as well – this is the biggest world stage I remember for decades.

What we need next is to see the groundswell for finance 2.0 (or even politics 2.0) growing. There is another revolution just round the corner, being heralded by the likes of Umair Haque, and foreseen by the likes of Nouriel Roubini, a revolution that doesn’t rely of the frail attributes of regulation but instead addresses the very firmament of the system. A revolution overthrowing capitalism in favour of true democracy, embracing the power of individuals in networks. A revolution that doesn’t pray on people’s fears but instead embraces ambitions.

Long may change continue.

Footnote… of course the whole thing may have just been one big ‘feel good’ hoax…

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