Euan Semple on business support roles and web 2.0

A tweet by Euan drew my attention to a post he has recently written about a subject close to my heart while working for a big agency like iCrossing.

I have been fortunate to be working as a knowledge manager with the agency and as such have very much fulfilled a business support functionality. While it was important for me in this role to come from a background within the business (and in digital marketing generally) I do agree with Euan that roles such as HR and IT are critical to the success of social systems to aid collaborative working.

The real key to success is agility and adoption, and whilst I always try to steer clear of technology as the panacea I’m a big believer in the right type of technology being the fulcrum for the leverage of social interaction.

Watch this space as iCrossing do a full trial install of a product called Knowledge Plaza (from the same team who built the awesopme Twitter app. Microplaza). It’s a platform designed to either interact with, or replace entirely, an existing corporate intranet and leverage thinking and abilities at all levels within the business (it’s also geared up to be cost effective in that it is billed by take up).

“Why HR, Comms and IT should be really excited about the social web” –

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