Recession resistant: 95% of social media marketers will maintain or increase social media spending

There’s an interesting sample from a new Forrester report on Social Media engagement by companies  being considered as recession proof by the fact that they are considering keeping on spedning marketing budgets on social activities. Shame it’s £500, but my concerns about it are that not only is there a huge misunderstanding about what social media engagement actually is, but it’s also certainly true that companies are being misled around what social media engagement actualy means.

The truth is that examples of end-to-end social media engagement are few and far between. There are examples of businesses doing it well and in some instances marketers are behind them, but they so rarely demosntrate ROI, either in the form of engagement or incrimental revenue.

The lack of measurability os what has brought like minded people togther to popularise Will McInness’s Measurement Camp – well worth attending if you are interested.

It’s a fascinating area to discuss and one which was originally demosntrated by Forrester Research in their August 07 report “Marketing’s New Key Metric: Engagement“.

The new report quotes

These inexpensive tools can quickly get marketing messages out through interactive discussion and rapid word of mouth, and properly managed, can deliver measurable results.

…maybe it’s time we find a resource of good social media engagement case studies? Anyone, anyone, Bueller…

From the Groundswell blog –

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