New social tools – a catch up

Not sure how sensible starting a post like this is as it is inevitable I will have to start another one right away… however there are 2 tools that caught my eye that I thought worth a mention.

First is a decent Twitter trend tracker in a similar guise to Google TrendsTwist. Here’s a screenshot of it tracking mentions of the Motrim Moms debacle (as covered by Jeremiah Owyang’s blog)

It’s a great way of keeping an eye on campaign activity whilst running a promotion (something Motril didn’t have the inclination to do).

Also worth a look is Sweetcron (yes – painful isn’t it!). It’s a new lifestreaming platform which finally pays some attention to interface design. There’s a great example in use at the designer’s website – Yongfook – demonstrating overlays of text (Twitter updates, etc) over images (Flickr, etc). It looks lovely but it sits on it’s own platform rather than for example being a WordPress plug in, which may make it less accessible than it should be.

What others have I missed over the Christmas break?!

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