Internet use ‘good for the brain’

In a previous post I wrote about how information overload is making us stupid and there’s an article in the Sunday Times today that goes to back this up – Keep clicking and you’ll be a snappy thinker.

Brendan Montague and Helen Brooks write about a new study that as been conducted in California that goes to show that while the brain is clever and able to adapt to the demands of the information highway in that we are becoming more able to make decisions, based on a large amount of data, quickly, the area of the brain that governs lateral thinking and empathy are being left behind. Little wonder then that we may become more and more dissassociated from real life thanks to the digital world.

Interestingly today Seth Godin points out in one of his short sharp blog posts that in the future we are likely to work collaboratively with people all round the globe whom we will never meet – World wide web. Maybe real empathy will be replaced by a zero time digital empathy, but let’s hope a lack of growth in lateral thinking doesn’t stump advances in innovation and innovative collaboration.

You can also read more from an article on the BBC here.

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