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Stumbled upon a great post tody that not only appeals to my generla interest in what I do at iCrossing – Knowledge Management – but also to the geeky techy side of me!

I’ve been speaking to colleagues recently about knowledge sharing tools and ideas, and the great thing about the advent of open source and scoail media (web 2.0) is that there is always a new tool to tes just around the corner.

Adam Boulton came across “Dan’s Horrendous Waste of Bandwidth” the other day and when installed it allows you to update your Twitter feed by changing your Gtalk status – a simple step in convergence no?!

Well any way this evening this post came to light – Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friends – and I’m seriously impressed by the wealth of apps out there and what you can do. Here’s a sample selection:

  1. – Add this IM Feeds bot as your Google Talk buddy and you’ll be able to read any blog or website that syndicates content via RSS feeds.To subscribe to a website in GTalk, simply send a new IM message that says “sub” where is the site address that you want to read inside Google Talk.
  2. – This secret bot lets you post to FriendFeed from Google Talk. You may submit either hyperlinks or text messages.
  3. – This imified bot turns Google Talk into a real powerhouse.

imifiedYou can post bookmarks to delicious, send messages to Twitter, submit blog entries to WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger, manage events in Google Calendar, shorten long URLs, run whois and so on.

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